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 Steiff Schulte
 Webmanufaktur GmbH
 Holteistraße 8
 D - 47057 Duisburg
 fon: +49 (0)203.99398-0
 fax: +49 (0)203.99398-50

100% Natural Fur Fabrics "Made in Germany"

Reinhard Schulte, of Duisburg, Germany, are the world leaders in producing a superb range of woven fur fabrics. All aspects of production, from weaving, dyeing and finishing take place in their Duisburg factory.
Valuable fibres such as Mohair and Alpacca are menticulously checked through the entire production system to ensure that only flawless material leaves the factory.

Ecologically Sound Production
For many decades Schulte have supplied Teddy bear manufacturers throughout the world.
As many of these Teddies are meant for small children the production of our fabrics has to be environmentally sound.
Only safe products are used in the dyeing and finishing processes.
Reinhard Schulte - In Harmony with Nature.
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